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Box Of Surprises

How would you feel if you could make your own fresh cup of tea, using your own natural ingredients with your very own personal touch on blends?

That is the idea behind Alakaban Tea’s Monthly Subscription Box.

We believe it is the little happy details in life that make it beautiful and bringing you one of those little joys is us scoring a fantastic goal! We have taken extra care to add in the details that would make your tea time with us an enjoyable experience!

Fun with Creating

When designing our Subscription Box, we wanted to create that one result that brought out Alakaban’s character to you. We wanted to add a bit of fun and a bit of style to it. Our best times were during the process of suggesting ideas to our Artist. We would suggest ideas, demand the prototypes and then reject those very ideas. Every aspect of the making was so enjoyable that we only fear you might get a whiff of this jungle madness.

From the combination of the colours to the contents of the package, our idea was to make you see, touch and feel the land from which your tea and spices came from. We made our best efforts to ensure that the contents of our Subscription Box is completely Earth-based and environmental-friendly so you would be savouring delicious tea AND giving back to nature.

Another feature we have included in our box is the art of hand-crafting! There are several families in Sri Lanka who earn a living hand-crafting every-day items using just raw materials. Not only have they been performing this art for a living but they have also enjoyed this for generations as their family tradition. In this day and age with so many industrial machinery in use, we love the idea of adding a bit of heart to our service and if it makes a lot of people happy along the way, you know it’s right.

Touch of Nature

An insight of some of the raw materials that have been used in several traditional hand-crafting families in Sri Lanka;

The use of Wood

Wood and Furniture has been a major industry in Sri Lanka that uses numerous trees every year. The deforestation of trees is a major concern in Sri Lanka and in order to reduce the vast deforestation of trees and promote a healthy usage of them, focus was made onto using the boughs and branches of trees instead. So while utilizing wood the tree is not completely felled. To take it a step higher our hand-crafters are using the drying twigs from the trees! This way we are making sure we are actually helping the tree when trimming those dryer areas and promoting healthier growth!

The use of the Palmyra

To the inhabitants of Sri Lanka and many parts of India, the Palmyra Tree is more just an ordinary tree. The Palmyra Tree in these parts of the world, is known by another name “The Wish-Fulfilling Tree”. Its name comes from the ability of providing its entire self to the various uses of man. Weaving Palm leaves is one of the old traditions of Sri Lanka that can still be witnessed in many areas. Families would sit together and weave so many varieties of products from baskets, to mats to thatched roofs!

Ceylon Tea Roots

There are about 8 or 9 areas in Sri Lanka that are popularly known as the sites of Tea Cultivation. All of these areas are located in the ‘Up-Country Side’ of  Sri Lanka and the taste of tea differs from location to location.

Several factors add to the quality of tea leaves and of these factors the altitude is most significant. The higher the tea estates are from the sea level, the better the quality of tea is known to be. Tea in Sri Lanka is interestingly enough, not graded by its colour or flavour, they are instead categorized by their height from sea-level! Every tea estate is located on its own perfect spot and each site produces tea of its own unique taste.

Owing to its altitude, Nuwara Eliya (pronounced Nu-wuh-ruh Eh-lee-yuh) is one of the popular areas for tea. There are several tea places here serving delicious tea amongst the hills and are usually booming with tourists.

Making Tea the Lankan Way

Making tea is a very regular part of several Sri Lankans' lives. Plain tea is very common and here's how it is done.

  • Bring ¾ cup water to a boil

  • Add 1 tsp of finely powdered tea leaves into the boiling water.

  • Add any Spices. Allow to boil for 2 minutes.

  • Strain tea into your cup and then add sugar, usually 2 tsp.
This is what we would call a delicious cup of Plain Tea!


Ceylon Tea DIY Sri Lanka

Spicing it up

For every tea variety you receive each month, we have chosen a matching combination of spices to go with. The addition of spices in tea in Sri Lanka is usually for tuning your body either with the weather, for good digestion or just for a healthy cup of tasty tea.

We have taken care choosing your spices to make you experience that perfect blend of flavours. You can choose any spice and any quantity to suit your own style! On your tea journey with us you will encounter a whole selection of spices and just to stir your taste buds we will reveal the most popular one, Ceylon Cinnamon! You will have the option of choosing any of our Tea-Plans with an assortment of combos to suit you. 

There are several factors we owe our Tea’s deliciousness to, from the tea-planters, to the tea-pickers, to all the estate labourers and most importantly to nature itself. Sri Lanka or the former Ceylon has been gifted by
 its sloping landscape, its plentiful rains, its position near the equator, its tropical climate all adding up to that perfect fertile soil that would sprout out a shoot of tea to bring you a smile of contentment.


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