Assam Leaf Green Tea

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With black tea widely known and loved in the tropical island Sri Lanka, Green Tea cultivation in fact traces back to when the initial cultivation of tea took place in Sri Lanka or the former 'Ceylon'. In 1842 when tea plants were being experimented with in estates of Sri Lanka, China's green tea seedlings were planted in Pussallewa and Ramboda estates.

Although the black tea industry took the country to its tea glory, green tea was also being sold in tonnes in parallel. The manufacturing of the green tea today is adapted after the Chinese and the Japanese methods giving variations of both types of green teas. The Chinese strains are known to yield a smaller leaf and a subtler flavour.

Sri Lanka's Green Tea industry also involves Assam's leaves whose tea is considered to have a full body with a malty and nutty taste with a pungent aroma. With growing attention towards Green Tea even Sri Lankans are now recognizing its green tea and its numerous benefits of which helping in weight loss and good digestion are most popular.

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