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This tropical Coconut is the most fun foods you will know for it is an all-rounder; a fruit, a nut and a seed. The dried brown round structure is in fact the seed of the fruit and what is used in cooking. The coconut when cracked open has a fleshy white layer inside enclosing coconut water.  

The white part can be used to obtain coconut milk, coconut oil or just be eaten raw. The slight sweetness in the white flesh and its texture makes it ideal for sweets.

Because the flesh contains coconut oil, consuming the flesh in anyway either by adding it in tea or in dishes contributes to you consuming pure coconut oil. The oil is considered very healthy for skin and is  used as one the major cooking oils in Sri Lanka.

Because it is quite high in fat it is not used in excess, roasting the scraped white coconut adds a beautiful smell to a dish and the fibre contained in it helps in digestion.

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