Golden Tips Ceylon Tea


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The golden tips tea is among the richest and most sought-after teas in the world today.  The complex process involved in obtaining pure golden tips, its unusual character and extraordinary flavour accounts for its high demand. The high demand and the consequent high cost places it only next to Silver Tips.

The tea leaves are hand-picked, hand-sorted and left to wither under natural conditions. With good light, a warm temperature and a dry atmosphere to wither these leaves successfully they then undergo rolling. The rolling ensures that the leaves are squeezed out of its tannin and any left over moisture from the withering process and of course to add a good twist all in all. The rolling in addition breaks the leaf cells and in turn induces fermentation. The degree of fermentation is what determines the colour of the final tea leaves.

After the right amount of fermentation, as a final step the leaves are "fired" with hot air and sifted into separate grades. Our best catch of golden tips tea is found in the fourth sieve where these young golden tips and buds are separated carefully to present you the angel of teas. Golden tips tea not only give tea a good appearance but adds a great flavour and strength that would make your tea experience an unforgettable one. 


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