Silver Tips Pekoe Tea


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This is a rare grade of specialty tea leaves found in the former Ceylon, Sri Lanka. The demand for this tea and its sheer deliciousness has made one of the most expensive teas in the world. The Silver Tips, just like its name appear silver in colour and are processed in a very careful and complex method.

The leaves are hand-picked and hand-sorted and only the leaves and buds are collected. These young parts are then rolled by hand and left to wither under natural sunlight until it becomes a velvety texture. The leaves then undergo light natural processing to avoid oxidization. The oxidization turns the leaves into the exotic silver leaves that you witness with hardly any black remnants!  Its unique colour produces what we now know as "white tea".  

The minimal processing involved and its own qualities make silver tips quite known for its health benefits too! To surpass it all, the Silver tips tea when brewed gives you a sweet smelling golden liquid of delicious in your cup.

With its hint of pine and honey to please your taste buds you couldn't wish for anything better to make your tea experience memorable.   

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